6656 - Point Crash when Printing

1.    Clean Uninstall Point. KB 1005-uninstalling-point

2.    Remove/Rename the following DLL files from folder C:\Winpoint.

-    acpdf.dll, pdfcreactivex.dll, pdfcreactivex650.dll

3.    Repeat step 2 for the following folders:

-    C:\Windows\System32
-    C:\Windows \SysWOW64

4.    Remove Calyx Document Converter

- From the Windows Search bar type Printer & Scanners and click on it when it appears.


- Select Calyx Document Converter and chose the Remove option.


5.    Reinstall Point KB 1004-installing-or-reinstalling-point-via-mycalyx.
6.    Open Point and try printing again.  If Point still crashes – move on the step 7.
7.    File Explorer in C:\Winpoint, right click PDFInstall.exe and Run as Admin.

8.    File Explorer in C:\Winpoint, right click PDF650Install.exe and Run as Admin.

Point can conflict with certain multi-function printers.  Can try printing to alternate printer or print to PDF file before printing.