6752 Fannie Mae Out of Scope / Freddie Mac Critical Edit

Effective May 1, 2021, the GSE AUS systems have stopped accepting new loans submitted using the legacy Loan Application in the 3.2 FNM format. All files started on or post the mandatory March 1, 2021 deadline date must be created in and submitted using the New URLA which is the new 3.4 XML format. Read more information here.

Any files submitted to Fannie Mae DO/DU or Freddie Mac LPA using the legacy format will return either an Out of Scope/Error recommendation from Fannie Mae or a Critical Edit from Freddie Mac. This can also occur even if using the correct version of the loan application but submitting through the incorrect portal via Point.

Example Messages:

DO/DU Out of Scope:

6752 Fannie aLPA Critical Edit:

6752 Fannie b

To prevent or resolve these messages, make sure you are submitting your files through the correct location in Point. For Fannie Mae you can refer to knowledge base article 5101 Submitting a file to Fannie Mae or for Freddie Mac, refer to 5201 Submitting a Request through LPA S2S.