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Website Administration

Setting up your website is simple, affordable, and customizable. WebCaster® includes a content editor (similar to that of a word processor) that makes formatting text, adding files and spell checking a snap. When you subscribe to WebCaster, you'll receive an email with simple instructions on how to access your site. Simply log on and follow the steps in the automated setup wizard. If you still need help, Calyx® WebCaster specialists are available to answer your questions.

WebCaster makes website administration simple

Customization and Maintenance

WebCaster contains a handy set of tools that make it fast and simple to customize and maintain your site. No HTML or programming knowledge is required. However, WebCaster has the flexibility to accommodate any HTML you may want to include. Content management tools allow you to quickly enter, change and update information–from loan originator biographies to the products, services and resources you offer. Best of all, any content changes you make are instantly displayed on your site.

Complimentary Web Address

Every subscription comes with a complimentary Calyx web address, or you can choose to use or register your own. Either way, WebCaster takes the mystery out of website hosting.

Visitor Tracking

With the visitor tracking tools in WebCaster, you can learn how many visitors you have, find out how many of them apply for loans and view detailed information about each loan applicant. Additionally, you can enable Google Analytics, a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your website.

Search Engine Marketing

Effective use of meta tags, keywords, descriptions and title tags can greatly increase the chances that prospects will find your website through a search engine. If you're not familiar with these terms, don't worry. WebCaster explains what they are and how they work and enables you to make your website more relevant to search engines. When your site is optimized for search engines, potential customers who are searching for a mortgage broker or a banker are more likely to find your site. The more prospects who find your business on the web, the more likely you are to increase revenue.

Setup is simple

The Setup Wizard will take you through a step-by-step process that's easy to follow and makes setup and customization a breeze. If you'd like to add unique pages to your site, the Custom Pages feature makes it simple to add entirely new pages that contain the custom content you'd like to display. WebCaster will automatically format your new pages to coordinate with the rest of your site.

Setup Process

  1. Start the WebCaster Setup Wizard.
  2. Choose the site design that complements your company's image.
  3. Enter your content. To make it even faster for you, WebCaster provides sample content that you can use, modify, or replace.

Online Help

WebCaster comes with a convenient online help system that enables you to obtain answers to your questions instantly.
Search for information by keyword, browse a list of topics (articles), or enter a question. With online help, answers are always at your fingertips.

Your WebCaster site is flexible and expandable

Document Exchange

During the loan process, a loan originator can send loan disclosures or other loan documents to a borrower from Point via WebCaster, whether the loan is initiated online or in person. In addition to receiving disclosures, borrowers can view document requests required by the loan originator to complete their loan. When they receive the document requests, borrowers can upload the electronic document to WebCaster. It is simple and fast. The uploaded documents can be stored in Document Storage in Point with meta data for the audit trail and track status features.

Custom Pages

Add entirely new pages that feature any content you like. WebCaster will automatically format your custom pages to match the rest of your site.

News Ticker

Keep customers abreast of the latest products and information by adding an animated news ticker to your home page.

Files and Animation

  • Brand your site by adding your corporate logo.
  • Add photos of your loan team.
  • Post forms from the WebCaster library or add your own.
  • Post files that clients can easily download, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs.
  • Add animation, flash and music to enhance your website.


WebCaster includes 10MB of disk space for storing documents, graphics, and animation files.

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