Zenly: Your all-in-one easily accessible mortgage platform

Designed for the busy loan originator, Zenly® is a mortgage platform and a point of sale. It includes the tools you need to unlock better customer relationships, grow your business, and decrease time to close! When your borrowers call, rise to the occasion with an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.

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Calyx Zenly
mobile friendly point of sale

Mobile Friendly Point-Of-Sale

Capture your borrowers in real-time, the moment they decide to initiate a loan application. Zenly is equipped with Zip, a built-in point of sale, that is accessible to anyone, anywhere via a web browser or a mobile phone. Your borrowers can get started with a click of a button, without any of the confusing forms or paperwork.
Camera Capture / Document Management

Camera Capture / Document Management

Say goodbye to long, drawn-out, and complicated doc collection. Zenly camera capture feature makes the process seamless; originators can receive loan documents in a snap.


Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Loan Officers don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Zenly. Ease of use and intuitive design make Zenly the solution you need to win more business!


User Friendly Features

Easily upload required documents through our document request capability.

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Calyx Wholesale MarketPlace

Users can find the best programs for their borrowers and then connect with a participating lender directly from their origination platform for a truly seamless experience. Register, lock and submit your loan file – data is automatically transferred to the wholesale lender without having to manually export and upload a FNMA 3.4 file.

Bring your borrowers close to the homeownership goals and close more loans.