Mortgage origination is complicated, your software shouldn't be

Designed for the savvy mortgage broker, Zenly offers the tools you need for a contact-free origination experience. When your borrowers call, rise to the occasion, with Zenly.

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mobile friendly point of sale

Mobile Friendly Point-Of-Sale

Capture your borrowers in real-time, the moment they decide to initiate a loan application. Zenly is accessible to anyone, anywhere, from any mobile device. Your borrowers can get started with a click of a button, without any of the confusing forms or paperwork.
Camera Capture / Document Management

Camera Capture / Document Management

Say goodbye to long, drawn-out, and complicated doc collection. Zenly camera capture feature makes the process seamless; originators can receive loan documents in a snap.


Verification of Assets / Bank Statements

Verification of Assets / Bank Statements

Automatically collect and verify borrower assets for upfront prequalification. Equipped with automated, digital asset verification for your borrowers. Our integrations and algorithms create a faster online asset verification solution which means faster results for you.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Borrowers don’t have to be millennials or Gen Zers to use Zenly. It’s so simple, baby boomers and Gen Zers alike will easily take to the intuitive design.

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness

Borrowers will easily identify your brand via your personalized URL, which features a customizable introduction, photo, colors, banner image and more.


Grow Your Business

The information collected during Zenly’s simple borrower interview can qualify your borrowers which means better leads and more business for you.

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