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Does WebCaster have an eSignature feature?
Yes. INK-it is our electronic signature feature. It works with Point through WebCaster. Learn more at

When will the eDisclosure feature be available?
It became available May 10, 2012.

Can the data from WebCaster be pulled by a MCIF?
WebCaster will only work with Point®/PoinCentral®, but once the data is in client software it can be exported to a number of different formats.
WebCaster can be interfaced via an Software Development Kit (SDK) to a number of different systems or core software packages.

Can I use my present URL in conjunction with WebCaster?
Yes, if you already have a URL or Domain name you can utilize your present URL.

Can I set up estimated closing cost on my website for visitor?
You can set up certain cost defaults for various calculator situations. A template would be completed once it is placed in the client software.

Does WebCaster have a marketing feature that I can use for past clients?
Through Point/PointCentral you can make custom marketing letters,email templates and can pull a marketing report for each. The templates can be used for printing letters, labels or email blasts. See the Knowledge Base Article 0561 or the Marketing Tools Tip Sheet in the collateral section of for more information.

How do you set up the password for WebCaster?
To set up your password go to WebCaster Admin > Administration > Passwords.

Can a borrower change information in the application after it has been viewed?
The borrower can resubmit the information on the Loan Application. After they resubmit the application WebCaster will ask you if you want to replace the existing Point file with the new one.

Am I responsible for updating the forms in WebCaster?
If not, how soon after a change occurs (e.g., a government form) will it be updated on my site?

Any form maintained within Point will be updated when Calyx updates the client.

Do the drop-downs in WebCaster support a 'type-ahead' feature?
Not at this time. The drop-downs are listed in alpha order on the site and by category on the Admin. site.

Can the calculators in WebCaster be embedded in PHP and HTML pages on an existing site?
If your site allows the building of iFrames, yes they can.

Can customized documents be sent for eSignatures?
Customized documents can be sent via eDisclosure or Document Request. At this time WebCaster does not offer Electronic Signatures, there for if it requires a signature, the borrower will have to print and wet sign the custom document.

Does PointCentral come with the purchase of WebCaster?
Point/PointCentral is a separate product from WebCaster.

How do I set up the email feature in WebCaster?
The email function is contained within Point and WebCaster will pull from your computers default email provider.

What does the short form look like when it is emailed?
The short form will be sent and download exactly the same as the long form, it would just contain less information.

Can you download more than one lead at a time?
Through the WebCaster desktop client you can download more than one lead at a time, but you will need to have auto-file naming turned on.

Can we give the borrower a list of documents and have them upload the list as a single scanned file that I can use to submit to the lender?
It seems tedious for the customer to have to upload each requested document separately.

Yes, the borrower could complete one PDF upload for everything and then you can split the PDF in the document management area.

Does WebCaster send me an email when the borrower has uploaded documents?
An email is not sent, but your WebCaster site will indicate when a document has been sent.

When you click 'send' does an email get automatically generated and sent to the borrower?
Yes, when you send/retrieve documents or requested information WebCaster automatically sends the borrower an email. This is a default setting in WebCaster, which is controlled via your WebCaster Admin.

If I want three specific forms on my home page, can I put the links to the forms on the home page?
You do have the ability to place links on your home page, however forms would be under the resource area.

Who does our IT guy talk to about compatibility and setup of WebCaster?
IT personnel can talk with the account management team or they can call WebCaster Support at 800-342-2599

Will WebCaster work if we have Point housed with a 3rd party vendor?
WebCaster hosting provided by Calyx is separate from Point, so it does not matter who hosts Point for you.

Where do you get the encrypted password?
The WebCaster Admin is where the password is configured and maintained.

How would you send a print group?
To send a print group click the option for output to be "Store" and mark it as 1 document, not separate. If it is marked as separate, each page will be a separate document.

On the Loan Status page will WebCaster show if a document has been replaced?
WebCaster will only show requested and received on the Loan Status page.

When an application is submitted does a date get entered on the 1003?
A date does not get entered on the 1003, however it will be flagged as submitted via web/internet.

Is there a way to post daily rates with WebCaster?
A rate ticker can be displayed via the Rotator feature in WebCaster. .

How do we use WebCaster if we already have a website?
WebCaster can be utilized via iframe/embedding with your current site.

How do I access my website if I signed up for WebCaster?
Please contact 800-342-2599. The Admin web address is

If the customer did not apply online, can you still use WebCaster to send the documents and disclosures to the customer?
Yes, through WebCaster you can send an email to the borrower with a link, which will walk them through setting up the user id, password etc.

Does WebCaster offer any referral sources?
WebCaster offers reports that can be utilized to show where referrals are coming from. Additionally, you can utilize Google Analytics.

Can you send forms to a borrower that are not preloaded in WebCaster? If you can, how do you go about doing it?
To send forms to a borrower that are not preloaded in WebCaster use the drag and drop function in the Document Management and select send/retrieve.

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