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The WebCaster Loan Center is Open 24/7

WebCaster® offers an Online Loan Center that's fully integrated with Point® and PointCentral®.
The Online Loan Center has all the functionality and security you need to do business with prospects and clients anytime.

Enjoy seamless integration with Point

Flexible Loan Application Formats

WebCaster offers a long and short loan application. You can choose which format to include on your site or you can provide both. You can also choose between the Fannie Mae Streamline application and the full 1003. If you choose the long form and do not want to collect information for certain sections, you can suppress those sections.

Point-Compatible Loan Applications

The WebCaster Desktop Client notifies you the minute a loan application has been submitted and allows you to download it–complete with secure 128-bit encryption–directly to Point. The Desktop Client also allows you to download multiple loan applications at one time. If you would prefer to receive loan applications via e-mail, WebCaster can send each application as an e-mail attachment that can be opened in Point.

Loan Status Reports

At any time, loan status information can be transferred from Point (version 4.3 or higher) to WebCaster, where clients can log on and view a detailed loan status report. Loan information will be transmitted from your Prospect or Borrower file to your WebCaster site over a secure connection. The seamless integration between WebCaster and Point reduces data entry time and enables you to respond quickly to each prospective borrower.

Manage loan applications with ease

Selecting loan originators and Routing Applications

The Loan Center gives prospective borrowers the option of sending loan applications to specific loan officers. The WebCaster Administration Site makes it easy for you to specify the loan officer selection process that best suits your business needs. For example, if you choose to use a drop-down menu containing a list of your loan officers, the WebCaster Administration Site makes it simple to set up and customize your menu. All you have to do is enter the name and e-mail address of each loan officer. The drop-down menu feature also allows you to designate how applications are routed.

Document Exchange

With Document Exchange you can send documents between loan originators and borrowers bia WebCaster and Point, without incurring any additional costs. Documents are transferred through a secure channel and stored, encrypted on the server. Document exchange includes the eDisclosure and document request and collection features. eDisclosures allows the loan originator to send loan disclosures or other loan documents to a borrower from Point via WebCaster, whether the loan is initiated online or in person. At Calyx, providing compliance is key, therefore Document Exchange automatically includes eConsent, which allows you to electronically track if a borrower is willing to receive electronic disclosures. The E-SIGN law states that you need to track this type of consent and give the borrower the ability to withdraw their consent.

In addition to receiving disclosures, borrowers can view document requests required by the loan originator to complete their loan. When borrowers receive the document request, they can upload the electronic document to WebCaster. All the uploaded documents can be stored in Document Storage in Point with meta data for the audit trail and track status features.

Loan Application Tracking

The WebCaster Loan Center also makes it easy to manage and track all the applications that your company receives. Using the Visitor Tracking feature in the WebCaster Administration Site, you can filter loan applications by time frame, view them, and even resend them to the loan officer, if needed. You can also track several statistics, including the number of submitted applications, new user accounts, site logins, and contact forms received.

Online Payments

WebCaster enables you to easily provide a way for your borrowers to pay for fees associated with the loan process. Borrowers will be able to add items to a Shopping Cart and pay for those items through your own personal PayPal account.

WebCaster makes it easy for clients to get started


Visitors to your site can learn how much they might qualify to borrow by completing a simple form. WebCaster uses the information to calculate an estimated loan amount–instantly.

Loan Calculators

Using a set of loan calculators, WebCaster calculates optimal down payment and interest rate scenarios based on the information provided by the prospect. At any point, the prospective borrower can complete a loan application, then choose a loan officer in your company and submit the application online.

15-Year vs. 30-Year Calculator Compares the monthly payment, the total payments, and the total interest paid for a 15-year and a 30-year fixed-rate loan.
Affordability Calculator Calculates the borrower's maximum mortgage amount based on the monthly payment, interest rate, and term that you enter.
Amortization Calculator Calculates the breakdown of principal and interest payments in a yearly or monthly format.
Amount to Borrow Calculator Calculates how much the loan applicant can borrow based on income, debts, and desired loan terms.
Extra Payment Calculator Calculates how much borrowers can save over the term of their loan by increasing their monthly payment.
Fixed Rate vs. ARM Calculator Compares the monthly payment amounts for a fixed-rate and an adjustable-rate mortgage.
Interest Only Calculator Calculates the monthly payment for an interest-only loan.
Payment Calculator Calculates monthly payment amounts for various loan amounts, interest rates, and amortization terms.
Refinance Interest Savings Calculator Estimates the benefits of refinancing.
Rent vs. Own Calculator Calculates the financial implications of owning a home when compared to renting one.

With WebCaster, loan data is secure

Secure Account Access

Before submitting loan application information, prospective borrowers have to set up a username and a password. The username is the borrower's e-mail address, making it easier for the borrower to remember. This convention also ensures that you have an e-mail address for everyone who sets up an account. The account also features a secret question and answer that can be used if a borrower forgets his or her password. This extra security measure ensures that a password can only be reset only if the secret question is answered correctly.

Data Encryption

The WebCaster Administration Site encrypts loan applications to ensure that this sensitive data cannot be intercepted. You'll provide a password that will be incorporated into the encryption data, ensuring that your company has a unique encryption key. When a loan officer receives an application, he or she will be prompted to enter the password and then Point will decrypt and decompress the file.

Retaining Loan Data

The WebCaster Administration Site enables you to specify how long to keep submitted loan applications in the system. You have the option of designating a time period anywhere between 1 and 365 days. Each loan application remains in the system until it reaches your designated expiration date, at which time it will be deleted.

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