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Fast underwriting, less risk

Price and prequalify portfolio loans based upon your specific program guidelines, while mitigating Fair Lending risk.

Fast Underwriting, Less Risk, Better Mortgage Underwriting
Reduced Underwriting Risk, Best Practices in Fair Lending

Reduced Risk

Mitigate Fair Lending risk with definitive loan analyses that ensure consistency in decisioning.

Increased Transparency in Loan Underwriting

Increased Transparency

Document underwriting findings for audits, board reviews, and regulatory submissions.

Faster Underwriting Using Systematic Underwriting Guidelines

Faster Underwriting

Improve turnaround times by saving pre-configured, typical scenarios in your mobile device.

Portfolio Mortgages  Pricing System

Single System of Record

Integrate Portfolio Producer with your LOS to keep all your data in one place with quick access to portfolio loan pricing.

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Generate Consistent Portfolio Mortgages, Loan Pricing Results
Credit Report, Loan File Data Analysis using Portfolio Producer
Faster Loan Originations, Preconfigured Loan Scenarios
Easily Generate Finding Reports