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Through humanitarian work nonprofit organizations are able to revitalize impoverished neighborhoods by giving communities hope while strengthening local economies. Calyx Software is proud and excited to help nonprofit organizations with their missions to help provide affordable housing by offering our industry experience, technology solutions and business support for their mortgage processing and management.

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Point and PointCentral
for Nonprofit Organizations

Rely on Calyx Solutions
Calyx has been developing mortgage solutions for more than 25 years and has a reputation built on reliability and affordability. Our products help banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers streamline, integrate and optimize all phases of the loan origination process. Through our methodical process of creating efficient and accurate software, Calyx has garnered a reputation in the industry as dependable and caring when it comes to our customers.

Calyx offers two distinct software solutions for loan processing, Point® and PointCentral®, along with several ancillary products, and a large Network of vendors that provides additional integrated loan services within both solutions.

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Implementation and Training
When you purchase PointCentral, assistance with your basic implementation is included in the cost. More in depth assistance and training can be provided by our Professional Services Group.

We offer a large selection of free online classes that can be accessed anywhere, anytime for your convenience. Topics include Getting Started, Originating Loans in Point and many other scenario-specific videos to help with practical use. Nonprofit organizations also have access to the Calyx Knowledge Base that offers articles on how-to scenarios, helpful shortcuts and quick fixes. 

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The Choice is Yours
Priced competitively, Point and PointCentral offer affordable total solutions for nonprofit organizations that include:

  • TRID-Ready Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure Forms
  • Unlimited Live Support
  • Configurable Rules Engine (PointCentral)
  • Habitat-Centric Templates
  • Easy Implementation
  • 0% Interest Loan Capabilities

You may choose to use only Point, PointCentral on your own, PointCentral hosted by ABT, or any of these options with GuardianDocs, as well.
See the differences between Point and PointCentral in our features matrix.

Please contact our sales team for assistance determining which is best for you at 877-862-2599.


Working With Strategic Relationships
To help us deliver a seamless experience, Calyx is working with GuardianDocs and Access Business Technologies (ABT) to offer a “turnkey’ approach for nonprofit organizations. With a strategic relationship that offers best-of-breed mortgage origination software, state-of-the-art hosting and servicing options (ABT), and secure loan document creation and delivery from an industry leader (GuardianDocs); your organization will consistently maintain accurate and compliant results every time.

Read more about GuardianDocs and ABT

Working Together for the Betterment of Communities
The work of nonprofit organizations is key to a better society. Calyx Software looks forward to being a part of your humanitarian efforts.

To learn more about our solutions call 877-862-2599 or email


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