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What smartphones are compatible with Point Mobile™?
Point Mobile technology works with the Apple® iPhone® and Android™ based phones. Blackberry and Windows based phones are not compatible.

How do I get the Point Mobile Apps?
For iPhone, you can download from the Apple app store from your phone. For Android, you can download from the Google®Play store from your phone.
Use the search term Calyx or Point.

Do Point Mobile Apps cost extra?
Yes. There is a per-user, per-month fee for Point Mobile. Call your account manager for details at 800-362-2599.

Is there an app for the iPad?
The iPad® app is planned for a future release.

Is there a credit interface?
Yes. You can order credit with Point Mobile.

We use PointCentral. Will the rules we have set up carry over to the mobile apps?
PointCentral® rules that pertain to borrower information fields available in Point Mobile will operate. However, some possible modification of existing rules is required.

How do I control who has access to mobile apps?
Access to mobile apps for Point® is controlled through MyCalyx®. PointCentral administrators control access through the PointCentral administration site.

If I have a contact stored in my phone already, can I begin an application without retyping the information?
Yes. Point Mobile apps give you the option to enter data from scratch or by choosing a contact from your contact list.

Is sensitive borrower information saved on my phone?

No data is stored on the device. If you use PointCentral, data is transmitted to the PointCentral server. If you use Point, the data is sent directly to Point.

What happens if I lose my phone?
If you lose your phone, you can rest assured that nobody else will be able to access the application. The app has a 20 minute time-out and your password cannot be saved. If you replace the phone, just download the app again and log in as usual.

What happens if someone is using a file I want to use on another device or computer?
If a Point file is already open, you can access it as read-only. The read-only status works both ways.

How do I set up Point for mobile access?

Your user ID needs to be enabled for mobile access. Just contact your PointCentral Administrator.

What are the prerequisites for Point mobile access?
The full Microsoft® .Net 4.0 Framework® is required. You can install .Net 4.0 Framework from the Microsoft download web site.

Point is configured to access PointCentral, can I use Point mobile access?
Point Mobile is capable of working with either Point or PointCentral connections but not both at the same time.

Where do I get an activation key?
Activation keys are generated in MyCalyx. Contact your MyCalyx Administrator to obtain your activation key.

I got the message, Invalid Activation Key. What does it mean?
The system does not recognize the activation key that you entered. Verify that you input your activation key correctly.
If you still receive the message, contact your MyCalyx administrator for a new key.

Where do I get a connection ID?

The connection ID is created in Point. To generate your connection ID:

  1. From the mobile server, select Utilities > Mobile Access to open the Mobile Access Configuration dialog box.
  2. Click the Email Connection ID button. An empty outgoing e-mail message is displayed.
  3. Enter your e-mail address as the recipient and send.
  4. Click OK in the Mobile Access Configuration dialog box.
  5. Retrieve the connection ID from the e-mail message.
  6. Proceed with setting up your mobile device.

Is Point Mobile different from Calyx Mobile?
No. Calyx Mobile has been rebranded and is now Point Mobile.

I got the message, Unable to connect to server. Please try again.
The application detected an internet connectivity interruption. Try the action again.

I keep getting the message, Unable to connect to server. Please try again. even after retrying.
If the Point mobile access process is not running on the mobile server, restart the server:

  1. Select Utilities > Mobile Access to open the Mobile Access Configuration dialog box.
  2. Select the Enable Point for Mobile Access check box.
  3. Click OK to save the dialog box and complete the restart.
  4. If the PointCentral server is off line, contact your PointCentral administrator for assistance.

I got the message Login to Point Failed.
Verify that you are entering a user ID and password that were configured on Point Administrator.
Check your connection configuration for proper Activation ID & Connection Key/PointCentral URL & Security Key.

I have an issue, how can I tell you about it?

In the mobile app, select Email support from the Configure screen, and select Problem Report or General Help.

I have a suggestion for how you can improve the application, how can I tell you about it?
In the mobile app, select Email support from the Configure screen, and select Problem Report or General Help.

When I create a new loan in Point Mobile, why doesn’t it display in my pipeline view in Point?
New loans created in Point Mobile have the status of Prospect. Verify that you have the Prospect status selected to view in your automated pipeline setup within Point.

Are calculators available in the app?
Yes. Mortgage payment and loan amount calculators are included in the app.

Call 800-362-2599 for pricing options or to schedule a live demonstration.

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