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PointCentral SDK Development Services

At Calyx we understand the mortgage industry moves only when it’s connected.  The Point® Software Development Kit (SDK) keeps your systems in sync. Whether you are linking to contracted vendors, your core system or other essential software applications Calyx provides the tools you need to keep your business moving.

One of ABT's core strengths is moving data between mortgage software platforms. MortgageExchange™ eliminates the need to re-key data between Origination, Servicing, Core Systems, and Accounting. With MortgageExchange, you can connect people, processes, partners, and information across dissimilar systems quickly and efficiently and eradicate data re-entry and the costly errors and security issues associated with manual intervention.

MortgageExchange is a custom data translation and software interface solution that automates and manages complex mortgage processes. MortgageExchange is an open platform that ABT uses to design a process that follows your workflow, built between an application product set of your choosing. MortgageExchange acts as a central hub that provides intelligent data interface and processing services between your partners and your mortgage software.


  • Secure and compliant data flow
  • Capacity for multiple interfaces to be created for various data paths – Origination to Servicing to Core
  • Advanced workflow and validation
  • Customizable to fit each mortgage organization’s business processes and loan workflow
  • Automatic email generation and send of a loan processed report to user
  • Unlimited throughput (300 loans per month are included with the monthly maintenance fee)
  • Automated sweep of loan data from Calyx Software


  • Moves loan data from one platform to another simply, securely and accurately
  • Interface is always on
  • Nothing for the client to check, monitor, and update
  • ABT monitors both ends of the connection to ensure data flow
  • Avoid duplicate or mis-keyed data entry
  • Interface is built to your unique business needs
  • Flexible platform to fit your changing needs
  • A dynamic interface - additional functionality can be added at any time
  • No restrictions on throughput processing


Contact ABT
Chris Schwartz-Edmisten, Sales


CCMC Mortgage Loan Connector™ (a Lending-Connector™ suite solution)

In operation for over 20 years, CCMC has partnered with Calyx for over 10 years to successfully complete over 200 Point® and PointCentral® integration projects. The CCMC Mortgage Loan Connector™ provides seamless integration between Calyx Point or PointCentral and core servicing systems. With CCMC Mortgage Loan Connector, financial institutions can use any number of core servicing systems, automated underwriting systems, pricing engines, analytic systems, and more, without the excessive and costly manual intervention that is typically required.

With Mortgage Loan Connector, financial institutions enter data only one time and can share that information across multiple systems, eliminating data re-entry errors, increasing productivity, and reducing processing costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Automates the connection between Calyx Point or PointCentral and core servicing, secondary market, and other financial systems
  • Financial institutions use the integration points from Calyx when selecting financial systems
  • Reduces loan boarding from 45-60 minutes to three minutes or less
  • Eliminates after-boarding maintenance due to errors caused by duplicate data entry
  • Fully-customizable and automated for each Connector solution through the CCMC Intelligent Connector Engine® (I.C.E.)
  • I.C.E. incorporates business rules based on the financial institution’s policies and procedures and provides thorough error checking and data validation. With I.C.E. you can:
    • Customize field labels and define which fields to display
    • Define field values
    • Set unconditional default field values
    • Define required fields
    • Create conditional requirements based on field values
    • Create default field values determined by the selected values of one or more other fields
    • Highlight important fields
    • Create custom field review lists
  • Additional Mortgage Loan Connector™ features available in select connectors, based on certain criteria, such as:
    • Supports HELOC in some core systems
    • Supports GL in some core systems
    • Express processing feature boards up to 2,000 loans in under one minute
  • If the financial institution changes its core servicing system during the CCMC Mortgage Loan Connector contract, CCMC will replace your current Connector solution with a solution compatible with your new system at no additional cost!**
  • Industry-leading Client Care team available to assist with any issues or needs

** Some restrictions app

Contact CCMC Sales Support

Call: (407) 788-7557  ext. 103


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