Zenly Integration with Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor

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Introducing our new Partner Spotlight Series – Calyx Connections. Every month we’ll be highlighting one of our partners across different segments of the industry.

This month, we’re kicking off this blog series with Freddie Mac. We recently announced that Freddie Mac’s Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM) is now integrated with our leading cloud-based mortgage origination platform Zenly. This means that Zenly users can quickly and easily view a borrower’s credit profile and compare it against LPA’s credit requirements. Within the Zenly platform now, users can review criteria including purchase eligibility and risk data as well as view Freddie Mac loan product options. This integration will not only save originators time on the front end of the origination process but ultimately increase borrower satisfaction.

Our customer support team has put together two quick videos to help you get started. Check out our How to Run LPA in Zenly video and How to Enter Freddie Mac LPA Credentials video here. Freddie Mac also has training resources available to all Zenly users that can be accessed here.

Zenly is designed to work for you – not create more work for you. Zenly can be purchased, launched, and fully set up within 15 minutes. Competing for business? Trying to cut costs and save time? Using LPA in Zenly early in your process on every loan can help.

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