Using Technology to Succeed this Spring Homebuying Season

With spring home buying season on the horizon, originators must brace themselves for a challenging market. Interest rates are at their highest levels and inventory is limited - making things extra tricky with first-time buyers ready to jump in. That's why it's essential that originators use automated solutions tailored to exclusively meet customer demands if they're hoping to make it through unscathed!

In a purchase-driven world, lenders are feeling the pressure to find technology solutions that optimize profitability. That's where Zenly comes in; this innovative solution is designed specifically for originators, streamlining processes, and providing fast turnaround times so they can stay competitive during these uncertain times. Having access to cutting-edge tools is key - giving the originator’s business an extra boost while keeping customers happy!

Zenly is a cloud-based loan origination platform that streamlines the origination process by providing originators with the essential tools they need to complete a full mortgage application and deliver it, with accompanying documentation, to a wholesale lender. Within Zenly, originators can engage with and manage leads, streamline the mortgage application process, send documents off to borrowers to eSign, and more.

Benefits of a Built-In POS

Consumers’ appetite for a contact-free origination process is at an all-time high. Digital solutions are the new norm for those who favor the ease and convenience provided by technology and, in fact, 66% of consumers prefer to use their phone when completing a purchase. Getting in front of a potential borrower at the beginning stages of the loan process through a POS increases the likelihood of capturing their business by 70%. However, more than half of online mortgage applications are abandoned before completion. With Zenly’s built-in point of sale, the average conversion rate is 76%.

Borrowers engage with Zenly's POS from the moment they decide to initiate a loan application. Zenly offers a single communication for borrowers throughout the entire loan process, a personalized and dedicated Loan Officer landing page, and a complete consumer portal module. In addition, because it is organic to Zenly, originators have an extra layer of protection and don’t need to worry about storing their data with a third-party provider.

Whether your focus this year is capturing more leads, cutting down on bottlenecks, or increasing overall efficiency and speed, Zenly can help you succeed in today’s changing purchase market.

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