Calyx Software Latest Release to Provide Quick and Accurate QM Findings

DALLAS, August 8, 2013  Calyx Software®, the preferred mortgage solution provider for banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers, announced the launch of Point® 9.0. This latest release gives users a definitive way of determining whether a loan is a Qualified Mortgage (QM) per the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB’s final rule goes into effect on January 10, 2014 and Point 9.0 provides quick and accurate QM findings that ensure compliance with the rule. 

Calyx’s QM solution, using the findings engine powered by LoanScorecard™, returns QM findings in seconds from within each Point file. A QM button, located on multiple screens for use throughout the loan process, automates “1-click” QM findings for Point users—no additional login required. Using file data combined with sophisticated logic, the QM solution determines whether a file is considered a QM with a secondary determination for either Safe Harbor or Rebuttable Presumption. 

Also included in each QM report is an individual Pass/Fail assessment for each requirement for QM as determined by the CFPB. A detailed analysis of Points & Fees section explains the fees used and the criteria for determining the assessment. In addition, a final messaging section thoroughly explains the findings and relevant determinations. Every report run is saved to each file’s document management system, thereby helping Point clients meet the CFPB’s requirement to maintain evidence of compliance. 

The QM Findings Report, included in Point 9.0 for current users of Calyx Software at no extra charge, will also be accessible via web services on a per-file fee basis beginning September, 2013. 

“We’re so pleased to offer our clients this special solution to CFPB compliance to keep them ahead of the curve” said Jack Holliday, marketing manager at Calyx Software. “No other compliance feature to date has been as positively impactful to our clients’ business that this one undoubtedly will. And the fact this tool will be accessible to non-Point users means compliance to this complex rule can be applied consistently and accurately throughout the industry.” 

Point 9.0 also includes improvements to screens and forms as well as updated calculations to optimize software functionality. 
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